Benjamin Furman

Performer | Composer | Educator

Benjamin is a pianist, singer, film composer and educator from Chile, based in Brooklyn, New York.



What do i teach?


I teach Piano, Music Theory, Guitar, Composition and Songwriting private lessons for all ages, in English and Spanish, in the New York City area. I travel to the student's home/studio, as well as receive students at my studios in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

I teach a big array of styles including Jazz, Classical, Blues and Pop. In every case, however, one thing remains true: the education I provide is personalized to the student's interests and needs. Materials and methods vary greatly from one age group to another, as well as from one student to the next.

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Music is a complex and wonderful world which is taught in so many different
ways. From my vast experience both teaching and being taught I’ve learned to distinguish which methods are more effective and stimulating. I've come to the conclusion that music can and should be learned through joy, passion, celebration and resonance with the student’s interests. That’s what I do.

I’ve been teaching private lessons for all ages since 2010 as well as
providing various clinics, workshops and master classes. My teaching is influenced
by the musical education I received in Berklee College of Music (Boston) as well as
by many other methodologies I’ve been exposed to throughout my life. My teaching
is also greatly influenced by years of exposure to non-formal children education techniques.

My method is based on three pillars: Resonance, Creativity, and Foundation. Resonance is finding what is in tune with the student's passions and interests, every step of the way. Creativity is crafting innovative and stimulating ways to further the student’s interests towards musicianship. Foundation is basing the teaching in essential material and concepts such as exercises, reading and theory.

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